Diaries of a Chef : Taste

Diaries of a Chef : Taste

Taste, a concept so subjective yet objective at the same time. It is rather ironical. In theory, there are 6 prominent taste/flavor profiles

  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Bitter
  • Spicy
  • Salty
  • Umami

So, how does one use these profiles in a complimentary manner? How does one build a dish based on what they want to taste?

Check out our video on IGTV at @atticusfoods to find out more.

Recipe shown in the video:

Rice Pancake with Mole Nero, Carnitas and Candied Citrus Peel

An ode to the nuances of Bitter, An ode to comfort through taste.

Makes 4 portions


Rice pancake:

  • Rice 80gm
  • Water 150-200ml
  • Salt 2gm
  • Vegetable oil: 10ml


  • Chocolate (70%) 35gm
  • Coffee (ground) 5gm
  • Bay leaves 2gm
  • Dry red chilli 3gm
  • Cashewnuts 10gm
  • Unripe banana 20gm
  • Salt 3gm
  • Cinnamon 1gm
  • Raisins 5gm


  • Pork ribs 300gm
  • Dalle chilli 6-8gm
  • Garlic 15gm
  • Salt 5gm
  • Black pepper 3gm
  • Lard/Oil 200gm

Candied citrus peels:

  • Orange peel 10gm
  • Lemon peel 5gm
  • Sugar 20gm
  • Water 100ml



  • Rice pancake: Soak rice in water for 45 minutes to 1 hour then grind rice along with water to make a batter. Add salt and oil to the batter and mix well. Heat a non-stick pan, brush some oil on the pan, then pour over batter, one spoon at a time. Cook on one side on low heat for 4-5 minutes. The pancakes should be done when the base has developed a light brown crust.


  • Mole: Peel the banana and cut it up into small chunks. Throw in all the ingredients together, except the salt. Cook till the bananas are soft and the chocolate has melted. Add water if the sauce starts drying up. Let the sauce cool, then blend together. Add salt and adjust seasoning.


  • Pork: Marinate pork with dalle, garlic, salt and pepper. Add some fat while rubbing the marinade on the meat. Leave it overnight. Cook pork in a sauce pot along with all the fat/oil over a low flame for 2 hours. If using the oven, cook at 120 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. Let the pork cool, then take it out of the fat and pull the meat off the bone.


  • Candied orange peels: Clean the peels so that the peel is completely cleaned off the pith (the white layer). Bring to boil water and sugar to make a syrupy solution, then boil the peels for 1-2 minutes. Take them out on a sheet/tray and sprinkle fine sugar over them. Let them completely dry out till they are crunchy.


  • Plating: Place rice pancakes on a plate, spoon over mole, add pulled pork and garnish with bits of orange peels.