Diary of a Chef: Sight

Diary of a Chef: Sight

Conceptualise a Cocktail based on your sense of sight


Orange and Early Grey Martini

Makes 4 glasses



10 Orange

2 Lemon

240 ml Gin

1 Earl Grey Tea Bag

120ml Simple Syrup




Half the oranges.

Char the oranges on a high heat on a pan.

Juice the oranges and Lemons together, Crush some sage leaf and leave in the refrigerator in a jar for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, infuse the simple syrup with earl grey by heating it on low heat for 2 mins.

For a simpler method, possible for home making:

In a shaker, add ice, the juice, simple syrup and gin.

Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish with Sage and a dehydrated lemon or orange.