The Protein Rich Rice Bowl

The Protein Rich Rice Bowl

Packed with Protein and Iron, this Rice Bowl is a feast for both the tummy and the eyes.

The Recipe

Serves 2


For the Rice:

1.5 Cups Boiled Rice (Can Use Brown Rice/ Black Rice)

3tbsp Coriander

3tbsp Lemon Juice

2tsp Green Chilli, finely chopped



For the Spinach:

1 Cup Spinach

1tbsp Olive Oil

1tsp Ginger Garlic Paste



For the Egg:

3 Eggs, Lightly Whisked


1tbsp Butter

For the Avocado Mash:

1 Large Avocado

1tbsp Lemon Juice




4tbsp Sour Cream

6tbsp Adobado Sauce 



For the Rice:

In a pan, Sauté the rice with 1tsp olive oil, green chilli, coriander and seasoning. 

Finish with Lemon juice.

For the Spinach:

In a pan, sauté together the olive oil and ginger garlic paste.

Add the spinach.

Toss till the spinach wilts. 

Season and keep aside.



For the Eggs:

In the same pan as the spinach, heat the butter.

Add the lightly whisked eggs, and scramble.

Season with salt and pepper.


For the Avocado:

Mash all the ingredients together.


In 2 bowls, layer the rice.

Top with the spinach and eggs.

Add some of the avocado mash on top. 

Dress with sour cream and Adobado sauce.


  • To make vegetarian, substitute eggs with tofu or paneer.
  • Can add ground chipotle/ancho chilli powder as garnish.
  • To make healthier, switch white rice to Brown, Black or Red Rice.
  • Can use Kale instead of Spinach.


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