Atticus Philosophy

Fine dining catering in South Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida


To be a sustainable yet luxurious brand that is in trend globally.



To be a brand name synonymous with Sophisticated Fine-Dining and lifestyle creation, in the Indian culinary arena.



Our core values are deeply embedded in change, sustainability, and being globally at par in the culinary world. They are stemmed from our need to question trends and their outcomes to create a paradox that helps define our identity. In this age of luxury, we want to question its sustainability and meaningfulness. We seek to reinvent ‘luxury’ by taking it back to its roots, dissecting it and rebuilding it, to provide a unique and wholesome fine dining experience perfumed with sophistication, wit and an air of mystery.


Our practices are relevant to today’s scenario, wherein one has to learn to be more green. We pioneer luxury with sustainability, adding value to practices, which might otherwise be redundant. Our plan is to create a sustainable and ethical system, from the procurement of ingredients to service. Such a system would ensure the use of organically grown and locally sourced fresh ingredients and contribute to the growth of local markets and other affiliated small businesses.


At Atticus, we also believe that ‘behind every great dish, there is venerity alongside creativity’. And hence, we respect each and every element of our entity, from our produce to our team to our machinery and all the intrinsic values in between. This in turn, allows us to craft an unforgettable experience where creativity and growth can flourish.


We aim to become the best fine dining caterer in Delhi NCR (South Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon) by bringing the much needed change to the forefront. Hence, please do support us in kick starting a more sustainable and globally in tune food movement in India.

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