About Us
About Us


Atticus is a bespoke fine dining brand located in New Delhi India. Aiming to bring the Michelin food culture to one’s doorstep in a sustainably curated manner. A table is where the journey to spectral chromatism begins. Our specialised kitchen is a demonstration to avante garde, artistic and colour collision of ideas and techniques. Cooking outside the norms to start a movement where food is not just to quench your hunger but a wholesome experience and an amalgamation of sustainable luxury dining.

Bringing bespoke modern Latin American and European cuisine with an indigenous prod. Atticus is attuned with global food trends, When applied to food, bespoke means that you’re ordering off the menu. It describes food that is made just for you. The way we see it, bespoke describes the already well-developed concept of customization.

Join us on our journey of diving towards the future, bringing Michelin food culture directly to your doorsteps. We aim to convey our passion for multicultural cuisine, through a quest for perfect ingredients and techniques, plus a deep-seated desire to continue learning how to evolve and blend authentic and modern tastes.

About us


Atticus, an experimental dining table concept founded by Chef Tanuvee Agarwal, with a global experience of working at Michelin star restaurants, has finally parked the table at her country to bring forth an experiential dinner experience.

Her vision for the brand is a truly niche one, where food is handcrafted to fit your mood. A modern vision for Indian cuisine, to elevate it by adding form and function for an opulent custom designed food. 

For  Tanuvee dining is about creating experiences and exploring tastes through a minimalistic sustainable approach. Make a grand affair out of dining – try our curated menu that will embark you on an inspiring culinary journey. 

Our goal is to make fine dining an accessible experience. Offering a variety of gourmet food delivery of menus all under one roof. Providing fine dining experience at the comfort of your homes with top class service. Giving you a memory that you feel today and will remember tomorrow. 

Our young and internationally trained team is dedicated to meticulously fine tuning your mood into the choice of your food, leaving details overlooked. With consistency, innovation and top-class quality as our core principle we are here to Latinise your taste buds. Be ready to expect some drama, art or a snap on your plate of food.

Meet our chef


Chef Tanuvee Agarwal, born and raised in India, aspired to become a chef and a pinnacle to the culinary industry at a very young age. She left her hometown to do her BA in culinary Arts from Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland, and University of Derby, UK.

Not deterring her from her dreams, she went on to work at Atelier Crenn, a 3 Michellen Star in the U.S.A, Le Cirque (New Delhi) and Restaurant Gina in Switzerland.

Apart from meeting all the Culinary parameters, including food quality and consistency, Agarwal is a true sculptor of food. Celebrating the life and culture of India and its bounty of beautiful flavours, aromas and spices through magnificent fusion avante garde dishes, is nothing short of an artistic escapade. Her signature dishes and recipes are a combination of European and those of the modern Latin American. Every plate that she creates will leave you wanting more. This food wizard is here to take your taste buds to places unimagined.


Food for her is an experience, a journey with each flavour which has been compactly accommodated into each dish. She aims at bringing this artistic fine dining experience to your doorstep. The chef leaves no stones unturned in presenting world – class dishes, ensuring Latin American and European flavours singing on your palate.

Bringing Michelin star food to your doorstep

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