At ATTICUS, we embrace the uniqueness of Latin American cuisine, distinguishing ourselves from the city’s Tex-Mex options. Our choice is inspired by the intriguing fusion of ingredients and techniques from Southern American and Indian cooking.

Recognizing the global enthusiasm for Latin American flavors, we’re dedicated to introducing this vibrant cuisine with a strong commitment to sustainability. As a chef-driven establishment, we provide contemporary dining that ensures an elevated experience, blending modern art deco-inspired interiors with a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. Welcome to a place where flavors merge cultures, where sustainability meets taste, and where each dish narrates a story.

Our journey is an ongoing exploration of the ever-changing bounty our country offers, celebrated through bold local flavors and ingredients.



Atticus, founded by Chef Tanuvee Agarwal, known for her global experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, brings an experiential dining concept to her home country.

Tanuvee’s vision is to craft food tailored to your mood, offering a modern take on Indian cuisine with opulent custom-designed dishes. She believes in creating minimalist, sustainable dining experiences that elevate the art of food.

Experience our curated menu that takes you on a culinary journey, making fine dining accessible at home with gourmet food delivery and top-class service. Our young, internationally trained team is dedicated to satisfying your cravings with attention to detail and a touch of drama, art, or surprise on your plate. Expect memorable dining moments with Atticus.


Meet our chef

Explore in-kitchen dining at Atticus Chef’s Tables, guided by Tanuvee’s global trendsetting vision, rooted in Indian ingredients and sustainability. Experience a culinary journey where tradition meets innovation, with each bite narrating tales of passion.

For Tanuvee, food is an immersive experience compactly woven into every dish, and she’s dedicated to bringing this artistic fine dining to your doorstep. Her world-class dishes blend Latin American and European flavors seamlessly.

Agarwal, a food sculptor, meets culinary standards while celebrating India’s life and culture through magnificent fusion avant-garde dishes, where European and modern Latin American influences shine.

Every plate she creates leaves you wanting more.