Not deterring her from her dreams, she went on to work at Atelier Crenn, a 3 Michellen Star in the U.S.A, Le Cirque (New Delhi) and Restaurant Gina in Switzerland.

Apart from meeting all the Culinary parameters, including food quality and consistency, Agarwal is a true sculptor of food. Celebrating the life and culture of India and its bounty of beautiful flavours, aromas and spices through magnificent fusion avante garde dishes, is nothing short of an artistic escapade. Her signature dishes and recipes are a combination of European and those of the modern Latin American. Every plate that she creates will leave you wanting more. This food wizard is here to take your taste buds to places unimagined.


Food for her is an experience, a journey with each flavour which has been compactly accommodated into each dish. She aims at bringing this artistic fine dining experience to your doorstep. The chef leaves no stones unturned in presenting world – class dishes, ensuring Latin American and European flavours singing on your palate.